Join us July 30–Aug 3, 2018 for our fourth annual camp!

This is a five-day camp where youth ages 14–18 can come to BYU and be taught the fundamentals of family history research, gain hands-on experience, and acquire an understanding of the importance of this work. This camp is for students who are seeking a BYU experience and are willing to take an active role in helping individuals in their quest for eternal life as families.

This camp will include:

  • a trip to Salt Lake City.
  • a combined dance with Especially For Youth.
  • a chance for you to become an expert on family history research.

Goal of the camp

Participants will leave the camp prepared to serve as family history consultants, if called to do so. We hope this camp will prepare all participants to be independently motivated to continue working on their own family history and to inspire and assist those around them with their family history.