Packing List

Wear casual clothes each of the four days.  Please make sure all clothing meets the BYU Dress and Grooming Standards

* Participants will be provided with a camp t-shirt to wear.

Other items

  • A bag or backpack (we will be walking to classes and you will also want it for our trip to Thanksgiving Point)
  • Personal medications such as prescriptions, cough drops, etc.
  • Spending money: A small amount of money may be needed for snacks, incidentals, and emergencies.
  • Scriptures, journal, and a pen or pencil. You will be given a small notebook at the camp.

Laptops and tablets are acceptable to bring to this camp as we will spend a lot of class time using these devices, however, we will have computers provided and so it is not required to bring one. We cannot guarantee the security of these items and will not be held responsible if lost, stolen or damaged while here at the camp.

Please DO NOT bring skateboards, longboards, or other similar athletic equipment. These items are prohibited everywhere on BYU campus and will be confiscated if seen in use. We strongly discourage participants from bringing iPods, stereos, video game systems, TVs, Game Boys, or any other extra items. We cannot guarantee the security of these items.