Policies and General Information

Age Requirements

Participants must be at least 14 years old by the first day of camp and must not turn 19 before the first day of camp. Anyone who does not meet the age requirements will not be allowed to register. Those who have graduated from high school but are still within the age requirements may attend the camp.

Medical Information/Special Dietary Needs

Any participant who requires assistance with medical needs should call the office at 801–422–7589 no later than two weeks before his or her session begins. This will give us time to make special arrangements (dietary, housing, or other). This includes special medical needs such as those for celiac disease (meals for the week), wheelchairs (handicap access), diabetes (refrigerator for insulin), etc.

Medical Treatment (Parental) Release Form

During registration, each youth must have his or her parent or guardian complete the medical release form completely and accurately. The parent/guardian must include his or her full name and emergency phone numbers, including cell phones, home phones, and any other number where he or she can be reached. Also required are the participant’s physician’s name and phone numbers and personal insurance information. If the participant is not covered by medical insurance, please write “none” in the space provided.

If a participant becomes ill and needs to be seen by medical personnel, the parents will be completely responsible for the costs incurred.

The parent/guardian must indicate any allergies his or her child has, and any medications the child currently takes. By completing the form, the parent/guardian authorizes BYU Continuing Education, or its representatives, to quickly treat his/her child in case of an emergency.

Photo Release

Here is a copy of the agreement you will sign when you register:

"By registering in this program, I agree that my youth’s image may be used, with discretion, by Brigham Young University, or its assignees, for promotional purposes in print, web and video productions. I understand and agree that I have no expectation of compensation for this use."

No Housing

BYU Standards

BYU is a private university owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), whose general membership has committed to not using alcohol, tobacco, coffee or tea. Accordingly, no smoking or drinking of alcohol, coffee or tea is permitted on the BYU campus, though other caffeinated beverages are allowed. Those who desire to smoke must do so off campus. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We understand that many of those who participate in and attend our programs have not made the same commitment as LDS Church members. Many local businesses offer alcohol, coffee and tea.

BYU students also commit to an Honor Code that requires them to wear clothing that is neat, clean, and modest in fabric, fit, style and length. While on campus, those attending or participating in conferences also are asked to wear modest clothing. 

We also ask that our program attendees keep their language free of obscenities and other vulgarity while on the BYU campus.

For details visit the BYU Honor Code website.

Thank you for helping us to maintain the standards that make BYU the exceptional university it is. We hope you enjoy your stay on campus.